Friday, 27 May 2011

My Mobile’s Birthday

Friday, 28th May, 2010 holds a very significant place in my life. 10th Cbse result for the academic year 2009-10 was announced on this date. At 8:00 am in the morning I opened my computer and saw the most awaited result of my life. The computer showed I got 9.6 cgpa. I can still picture that moment flawlessly in my head. My mouth fell open. I was taken aback I wasn’t expecting such a great result. I shouted “maaaaaaaaaa”. My mother got scared fearing I didn’t score well. She came running towards me and I hugged her tightly. My mom looked at the computer. When I looked at her face all I saw were signs of joy and delight as well as proud and contentment in her eyes. It still inspires me to study more and make her proud of me. J
For the last few months (after my 10th boards were done) I’d been bugging my parents to buy me a new mobile. I had Nokia 3500c for two years. Now I wanted a new mobile. We made a deal. If I’d get above 95% in my boards I can get anything I want. And since my result was unexpectedly and pleasantly above 95% my parents had no choice but to buy me a mobile of mah choice.

In the afternoon I started convincing my dad to go and buy it right now. After 2-3 hours continuous convincing my sweet-sweet father melted :P and told we’d go at 4:00 p.m. in the evening.

In the evening we searched for the best and most kewl handset for me. We went to many Nokia showrooms. At last I decided to buy Nokia X3.

Today is my mobile’s birthday. J It’s been one year since I first laid my eyes on my cell. My mobile phone has been a great buddy both in bad and good phase. At difficult times it connected me to my loved ones. It gave me an opportunity to share my happiness with my pals.

My morning starts with the alarm in my mobile and my day ends by sending good night sms to all my dear friends. I spent most of my free time listening songs on my mobile and taking random pics. I love clicking pictures. I have clicked around 1500 images.

My Mobile’s Statistics:

Ø All Calls duration- 33:56:28
Ø Sent text messages- 12816
Ø Received text messages- 10049
Ø Memory card- 4.1GB used memory out of 7.2GB
Ø No. Of songs- 430
Ø Movie- Twilight

I love my mobile a lot. I can’t even think of living my life without it.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Boulevard of broken dreams

Broken Dreams

A girl grows up listening to fairytales. As you all know the theme of all the fairytales is one and the same: A handsome prince comes on his white horse to rescue the pretty princess who is imprisoned either by her stepmother or a cruel witch who is jealous of her exquisiteness. The princess spends her whole life waiting for the charming prince to come and save her from the clutches of wicked witch.

Like the princess every girl dreams of her Prince Charming who will one day sweep her off her feet to a world where everything is wonderful, beautiful, serene, and pure-identical to a fairyland. Every day she fantasises being a princess who is loved by her prince. She desires to have an eternal love life that will go on for-ever. Her world revolves around the castles, fairies, and most essentially around her dream man. She hopes that her dream guy would give her everything she deserves to have.

As she grows up she realizes the bitter truth that all those dreams were phony. There is no such thing as fairies, princes and castles.  There is no prince charming. No guy can fulfil her dreams. She realizes that all her hopes, wishes; dreams were illusory- totally out of this world.  It dawns on her she has spent her days dreaming of a life which doesn’t even exist. Love happens only in novels and movies. When her dreams are crushed brutally by the realism of life no one can hear its shattering; only her heart can understand the agony of breaking dreams.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Girl can Dream

As Bella says,"A girl can dream." No, I do not dream about becoming a monster or marrying a vampire. That would give my parents a severe heart attack. Just try to picture the scene- me telling my mom that I want to marry a guy who is a vampire  and is thirsting for my blood. My mom would definitely faint. I do not even dream about having a grand wedding like Prince Williams that day had. Oh boy what a wedding it was! I watched the whole ceremony on television. The bride was looking so beautiful. And the cake- it looked so yummy. My mouth watered just by looking at the image of the cake. 
Anyways thats not what I wanted to brag about. Sorry for changing my main topic.

Now-a-days I dream only about having a grand 18th birthday party.18th birthday is the most awaited day. One is legally eligible to get their hands behind the steering wheel of a car and to cast vote. We become adult and responsible no longer immature and juvenile minors. 

Though my 18th birthday is very-very far away. But as the they say "A girl can dream". I have already made a lot of plans for the "Party" withe the help of google. For the past few days I have been googling a lot about the themes for 18th birthday party. I shortlisted them to the following:- "Fairytale", "Pink and Black", "Alice in wonderland", "Bollywood Premiere", "Black and White".
After much thinking I have decided that "Pink and Black theme" would be the best. It is sophisticated,yet playful. It is practical as inexpensive pink and black items are easily found. Since every gal adores pink it is a perfect theme for a bunch of girl teens. I hope my friends would be thrilled to know about the theme. :)  I have already decided each and everything right from the decorations to my dress. The guest list is yet to be prepared :P

I will have the hall decorated with all pink balloons and black streamers. Tables will be decorated with black tablecloth as a base alongwith layers of pink. There would be pink stage lighting that casts the room in a pink hue.

Now comes the most important thing of all that is "Dress Code". A dress code for the party enhances its theme. It is the most vital and the trickiest choice to make. I had to use a lot of my brains to make the perfect choice. I have decided pink gowns(soo pretty and cute) or black dress(very stylish) or the combination of pink and black(looks wonderful). If anyone doesn't like this code, they can always come up with their great ideas(but it should go with the theme). I know my girlfriends know a lot about fashion.

Oh damn! Its so stupid of me. How can I forget about food. After all one goes to party to eat the delicious food. At least I go to parties for this particular reason(well, also to show off my new dress :P) My favourite cuisine is Vegetarian Indian and Continental. So the menu of my party will have the dishes especially prepared from the kitchen of India and Europe. In the starters Vegetable cutlet, Potato Wedges and Tomato soup will be served. For the main course:
Dal Panchratan(a Rajasthani dish), Matar Paneer, Butter naan and chapati, Baked Macroni and Cheese and Russian Salad. Shreekhand and Chocolate cake  will be ideal for the desserts. And of course mineral water will be available :P :D. Oh I am feeling so much hungry while picturing these delicious dishes in my head.

Now the most essential thing i.e. cake. Since my preferred flavor is chocolate so my birthday cake will be dark chocolate somewhat like this:
For any party we need guests.They are the ones who gives life to the party. To invite the guests a proper Invitation Card is to be prepared. Following are some of the samples of invitation card that I liked:

Now I am going to tell you about that part of the activity which I enjoyed them most i.e. deciding my dress. Let me not bore you more. Lets come straight to the point. Following is  the dress which I want to wear on that special night:

It is elegant, decent, unique and just the thing that I need for the party.

I sincerely hope that my dream do come true.

I take your leave now. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing. 

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer Official (HD)

My favourite movie trailer. I just cant wait to watch the movie in theatre. I hope it is going to be as awesome as the part 1.