Monday, 18 April 2011

Spending Sunday with my brother

You must be wondering about the title. Yeah it does sound a little weird as I live with my brother so i must be spending every day with him. But that’s not so. We usually try not to come in each other ways because we fight a lot like every next brother-sister. We can’t tolerate each other. His favourite pastime is to tease me and irritate me. But apparently yesterday was not the usual day. We ended up spending the whole day with each other. And weirdly i enjoyed it a lot. Wanna know how this happened. Keep Reading

So yesterday was Sunday-the most awaited day by every student-and i made my plans to spend the whole day on facebook. But apparently my brother wasn’t so keen on me spending my Sunday the way I like. Early in the morning he out of the blue he dropped the bombshell on me- it seemed like that only - that he has to make two projects which  he has to submit the next day. The key point here is that my brother is not so creative so I had to do all the creative work in the projects. He just writes the matter and obeys my instructions. And making him obey me is the only part I enjoy the most:-P
Here is what happened on that Sunday:

In the afternoon: I was on net doing some important work (i.e. fbing). My brother came and told me that I have to search something for his project. I grumbled and tried to shoo him away. He did not take no for an answer. Oh how adamant he is! Tell me about that! So there i was researching matter for his project. After half an hour or so we finally managed to get the matter. I know we took a long time. Well that’s because we got into the fight that who will sit on the chair before pc. And clearly i won! :-P :-)  

At 4 pm or so: my brother’s best friend came. And since he was my brother’s friend he hasn't yet started the project too. Let me enlighten you about their friendship so you can understand them better. They both talk on phone everyday for long hours and u can’t even guess what they converse about. They gossip :P about homework, teachers and school. They went to stationary to buy some stuff. And as soon as he returned he started bossing me around as in what I have to do, how I have to help him and so on. I tolerated his crap for sometimes and then when it got out of control I yelled at him to shut up and told him that we would do things in my way and not his. He should know that I am the one who is in charge. And he very easily agreed to do so. How great I felt!

Around 6 pm: We had completed his geography project which was on “Tsunami in Japan”.

Sitting behind my brother while he is driving: It’s like a nightmare no scratch that, its worst than a nightmare. It’s really terrifying. He drives like a maniac. Typical guy! And all the way I shouted at him to slow down but it wouldn’t bug him a little bit. It was one hell of a journey. I feel really pity for his future girlfriend. Nevertheless it’s not so important right now. Let’s get back to the story. We went to bhandari (the most famous stationary shop of the city) to buy chart papers. And while returning back I drove. I couldn’t risk my life again in his hands. Could I ? ;)

At home: When we returned home papa announced that we had to go to a party. It was really horrifying. We (read I) had to draw diagram, make chart etc. But like true warriors we weren’t going to back out. We had made our minds and we would achieve our goal. So not wasting even a second we got back to work. I made the diagram of animal cell.
At the wedding party: My brother after a lot of convincing agreed to go to the party. Since we all were in a hurry I didn’t dress up too much. I didn’t even apply kajal. Can’t believe that! :P For the first time I didn’t get bore with my brother at the party. Surprisingly I became his pal instead of his elder sister. We joked; laughed and made fun of people (mind you we weren’t nasty). He told me which girl he found attractive. We ate from the same plate. In all I enjoyed the brief time at the wedding.

Back to home-sweet-home: As soon as we returned home we straight away headed to our place of work. I started drawing the diagram of plant cell and he wrote the matter on chart. 

At 2 am with our combined efforts we completed his project work.Wanna see ????

That day I learned that if I put our mind to just anything I can achieve even the impossible.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

My Fears

One most significant thing life has taught me is that the more u are scared of your fears the more scary will they become.

The thing that I dread the most is meeting new people as in making new friends. I have always been a shy, reserve, introvert, timid gal. Time and again life has thrown me in such situations where i have no choice but to leave behind my fear and meet people.

Change- the thing that I detest the most. The toughest change in my life came when my parents decided to come kota from Udaipur-the town where I spent the most beautiful days of mah childhood. But let’s not talk about that (will tell about those days some other time). So when I came to Kota I hated it right away. Never fancied the climate here not even the people(they are just soo mean). And then came the most challenging thing- going to the new school. But strangely the school turned out to be one my favourite place because my class teacher discovered the brilliant(nerdy side)  side of me. I was not at all awful at studies :P ;) My parents were really happy and proud about that. (Back in Udaipur my folks were seriously convinced that I was not at all brilliant like my mom.. well seeing my report card of my junior kg class no one can blame them, if truth be told I was terrible at learning) I realized I am a total geek and nerd which is a very good thing to be w.r.t. Indian society. So I made friends and became favourite student of few teachers [well i can’t be everyone’s fav. I had to give other people chance too :P :D u no(read know) na how generous  i am ;) ]

But apparently God was not too much happy with mah generosity and kind heartiness. I had to change my school. When i think about those times i really feel miserable and hate all the incidents that led to those circumstances. I hated my new school right away when i walked through the school gate. I didn’t like the aura of it. It was entirely different from my previous school. However, the life goes on. It doesn’t stop for anyone and I clearly wasn’t an exception. I learned to accept the things as they were.
 I made friends and now they are the best of my friends. I just love them a lot. I miss u all yaar. I hope someday we all will meet and talk the way we used to.  It was in that school where I met my best friend. She is amazing. She accepts me the way i am. She knows whenever i am sad or not fine, she always comes to mah rescue. She is always there for me. I just love her the way she is. And she is the one to be blame of my mad likeness for Hollywood movies and English music.

Internet (talking about orkut and facebook) has also helped me a lot in facing my terror. Thank u ! J :P 
Nevertheless I still haven’t completely risen above my fear but life has taught me to face them and handle them effectively. I have learnt that the key to befriend someone is being just the way you are. 

 ...iska sequel fear no. 2 ka wait karo...its coming soon