Sunday, 17 April 2011

My Fears

One most significant thing life has taught me is that the more u are scared of your fears the more scary will they become.

The thing that I dread the most is meeting new people as in making new friends. I have always been a shy, reserve, introvert, timid gal. Time and again life has thrown me in such situations where i have no choice but to leave behind my fear and meet people.

Change- the thing that I detest the most. The toughest change in my life came when my parents decided to come kota from Udaipur-the town where I spent the most beautiful days of mah childhood. But let’s not talk about that (will tell about those days some other time). So when I came to Kota I hated it right away. Never fancied the climate here not even the people(they are just soo mean). And then came the most challenging thing- going to the new school. But strangely the school turned out to be one my favourite place because my class teacher discovered the brilliant(nerdy side)  side of me. I was not at all awful at studies :P ;) My parents were really happy and proud about that. (Back in Udaipur my folks were seriously convinced that I was not at all brilliant like my mom.. well seeing my report card of my junior kg class no one can blame them, if truth be told I was terrible at learning) I realized I am a total geek and nerd which is a very good thing to be w.r.t. Indian society. So I made friends and became favourite student of few teachers [well i can’t be everyone’s fav. I had to give other people chance too :P :D u no(read know) na how generous  i am ;) ]

But apparently God was not too much happy with mah generosity and kind heartiness. I had to change my school. When i think about those times i really feel miserable and hate all the incidents that led to those circumstances. I hated my new school right away when i walked through the school gate. I didn’t like the aura of it. It was entirely different from my previous school. However, the life goes on. It doesn’t stop for anyone and I clearly wasn’t an exception. I learned to accept the things as they were.
 I made friends and now they are the best of my friends. I just love them a lot. I miss u all yaar. I hope someday we all will meet and talk the way we used to.  It was in that school where I met my best friend. She is amazing. She accepts me the way i am. She knows whenever i am sad or not fine, she always comes to mah rescue. She is always there for me. I just love her the way she is. And she is the one to be blame of my mad likeness for Hollywood movies and English music.

Internet (talking about orkut and facebook) has also helped me a lot in facing my terror. Thank u ! J :P 
Nevertheless I still haven’t completely risen above my fear but life has taught me to face them and handle them effectively. I have learnt that the key to befriend someone is being just the way you are. 

 ...iska sequel fear no. 2 ka wait karo...its coming soon


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